Sunday, April 26, 2015

Why Do We Need Supplements?

Here are some reasons why it is important  to take natural, whole food supplements:
1. Depleted Soils. Even if you eat a healthy, mainly plant-based diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, chances are good that  the food comes from soils that have insufficient mineral content.The best thing to do is to buy Organic whenever possible.

2. Overcooking Our Foods. We have a bad habit of cooking our foods to death, therefore cooking out all the vital vitamins and minerals our bodies need.

3.  Normal Aging Equals Digestion Issues. As we get older we produce fewer Enzymes that are necessary for proper digestion. Eventually this leads to Heartburn, Acid Reflux and numerous other Stomach issues. 

4. Lots of Stress in our lives:  All of this stress takes a toll on your body and weakens your immune system. Taking supplements can help to bridge that gap and give your body some of the nutrition it needs to function optimally.

Of course, nothing will take the place of eating a good and healthy diet. But taking quality, whole food-based natural supplements can go along way towards helping you maintain a better level of health. Besides, if you’re still working through some bad habits , you need them even more!