Friday, May 22, 2015

Baby's Delicate Skin

It is so important to use all-natural skin care on Infants as they have such sensitive skin. You don't want to put products on them that are filled with chemicals that could cause a allergic reaction. The natural products do cost more, but are truly well worth the added expense. Did you know that the baby shampoo's that say "Tear Free" have a numbing agent added to it and that is why it doesn't burn if it gets in their eyes? Why not just use an all natural product that will not harm them if it does happen to come in contact with their eyes? Not only for shampoo, but other natural products as well. Why not give your baby the best care possible? Take the time to read the labels on what you are putting not only on your baby but in your baby as well. Start them off on the right track by keeping their immune system healthy and that goes right along with their entire bodies as well. If you can't afford to go all natural at once, its ok, just pick one product that you can use that is strictly natural, like Shampoo . Thats a start, and then eventually maybe you can add in baby lotions and powders, etc. 

I have some natural baby products listed under "BABY" so take a look. Or click on this link to take you directly there.