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Do Prescription Drugs really work?

Have you ever wondered why pharmaceuticals don't work? By that, I mean that they don't make people healthier. Sure, some pharmaceuticals can modify a measurable chemical marker, but they don't make people healthier. We have 40 percent of the U.S. population on at least one prescription drug, yet our nation shows skyrocketing rates of all sorts of chronic diseases, like cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and osteoporosis. If pharmaceuticals work to make people healthier, we should be the healthiest nation on the planet. We have people here taking more drugs than any other nation in the world. The older you get in this society, the more drugs you end up taking. Many of our senior citizens are on a dozen prescriptions a day, and half of those are usually prescribed to cover up symptoms and side effects from the first few prescriptions. 

Why prescription drugs cannot cause health

So why don't drugs work? It's because they make a promise they can't keep. Prescription drugs make the promise -- and this is reflected in the marketing -- that a person can engage in a lifestyle filled with many factors that lead to chronic disease, but by taking one pill they can break that cause-effect chain and not experience the disease that would normally result. If drug propaganda were true, you could live a lifestyle that promotes heart disease by eating saturated fats while avoiding cardiovascular exercise, and the drug could prevent you from experiencing heart disease. All you have to do is take these drugs, says Big Pharma. 

But diseases are brought on by causes, not by sheer luck or a deficiency in synthetic chemicals. This is a very simple concept, but it escapes most thinking in conventional medicine. These diseases have many causes, and some are dietary. There are metabolic disruptors in most foods -- hydrogenated oils, sodium nitrite, saturated animal fats and homogenized milk fats. When you consume these disease-causing ingredients, you will experience certain results. Consuming unhealthy foods and avoiding healthy oils, like salmon oil, can lead to heart disease, nervous system dysfunction, birth defects and many other problems.

But then a prescription drug comes along and promises that you can be disease-free regardless of the causes you have set into motion in your own life. These prescriptions are really marketed as magic bullet pills. "You have high cholesterol? Don't worry about it! Take this cholesterol-lowering pill -- this statin drug -- and you will have normal cholesterol!" This implies that you will achieve a state of high cardiovascular health -- a promise that is, of course, a lie. You are no healthier than before, even though certain measurable markers of your biochemistry may have been artificially altered. Your biochemistry has been hacked.

That is not health, folks. It is worse than giving the patient nothing, because in this case, by giving the patient this pill, you have implied that this is all they need. In fact, what you have done is stolen from them the power to take responsibility for their health outcome. You have created a biochemical crutch, and you have denied the patient their right to walk down their own healing path and make lasting changes to their cardiovascular health. 

Healthy lifestyle decisions make healthy people

In essence, pharmaceuticals don't work because they violate the laws of cause and effect that operate in our universe. One combination of synthetic chemicals can't undo decades of lifestyle choices. Every time you choose to exercise instead of sitting on the couch, or choose to get some natural healthy sunlight instead of avoiding it (causing vitamin D deficiency in your body), you cause momentum in one direction or another. If you do this year after year, you can go in the direction of disease or in the direction of health and longevity.

If you have been heading down the path of chronic disease, you can change that momentum. First, you have to slow the momentum and create a vector moving in the direction of health. That will not make you healthy overnight. Over a period of time, the progression of disease will stop. Then, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating and exercise. Only then will you reverse this momentum and start heading down the path to good health. By doing this, you can leave behind a past that may have included obesity, diabetes or Alzheimer's.

How quickly this momentum shifts depends on your age, but mostly it depends on what you choose to do. Let's say you decide to start with one vitamin pill a day. Is that going to reverse your momentum? I don't think so. Even though you are taking that one vitamin, you are probably still poisoning your body with cancer-causing foods found in the national food supply. It's going to take shifting many habits and daily health choices to reverse decades of disease-promoting activity.

Perhaps because that task seems daunting, the promise of pharmaceuticals is quite seductive. They promise that you can change your health without changing anything else. Unfortunately, many people believe this. They recognize that they are going down the path of chronic disease, but they mistakenly think a magic little pill made by a profit-seeking drug company can somehow reverse disease.
In reality, most prescription drugs have side effects that accelerate the progression of disease in the body. For example, statin drugs interfere with the production of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which is essential for powering the mitochondria in your cells. When deficient in CoQ10, you will experience health problems at the cellular level, all throughout your body. 

Natural health is real science

The strange thing is that pharmaceutical companies are backed by so-called scientific evidence. In conventional medicine, FDA-approved drugs are sold to patients with these so-called scientific claims. And yet even FDA-approved prescription drugs somehow kill around 100,000 patients in the United States each year. That is a statistic that comes out of conventional medicine published in The Journal of the American Medical Association. (Many in the alternative community believe those numbers are low estimates, by the way.) So how scientific can drug safety be if these approved drugs are killing more Americans than wars, terrorists, car accidents, murders and industrial accidents combined?

Let's face it: The current pushing of drugs onto the population isn't scientific; it's just great marketing combined with political arm-twisting by Big Pharma. When it comes to health, the real science is hidden in nature. And yet, ironically, defenders of conventional medicine say that natural health is unscientific. They say that you are wasting your money if you take vitamins or nutritional supplements. They say forget about eating raw foods and fresh plants. "That is not proven," they say. They say that the healing value of human touch has no scientific proof whatsoever. Just stick with the pharmaceuticals, they say.

But why would they say these things?

Organized medicine won't make any money if you choose methods other than drugs to treat your disease or enhance your health. Every patient that gets healthy is another lost customer to organized medicine. This whole philosophy of circling the wagons and defending prescription drugs -- which is adhered to by most medical doctors, medical schools and certainly the FDA -- protects the profits generated by pharmaceuticals, as well as the philosophy of a corporate-controlled, chemically-regimented system of medicine (to the exclusion of all else).

To really help people heal, we should focus our health resources on the things we can accomplish. We can reverse chronic disease today, not by using synthetic chemicals in our body, not by turning to chemotherapy or radiation therapy and not by surgically removing tumors from our body and calling it a cure. These are not solutions to health; these are short-term methods for masking symptoms of disease. The real answers to health are found in nature. In nature, you will discover healing plants all around you. You may have a plant in your back yard that protects the liver and helps detoxify the blood.

I bet you think it is a weed, but it's actually the dandelion plant. You might say, "I hear you, Mike, but how do we know that everything you are saying here is true? Where is your science and where is your proof that nature is a better healer than drugs and surgery?" 

A simple scientific experiment: Look around and see who's healthy

Let me invite you to look at a simple experiment here. If what organized medicine says is true, then you should be able to observe that people on drugs are healthy, while all the people taking herbs and  vitamins are diseased.

Go park your car in front of a pharmacy and watch the first 100 people you see buying drugs, then ask yourself, "Are these healthy people?" Look at the way they walk, their energy and their posture. Do they look healthy? Then go park your car in front of a health food store and watch people entering and exiting that store. Ask yourself again: Do they look healthy?

If you do this experiment, you'll quickly find that the unhealthy people are the ones visiting the pharmacy. The healthy people are the ones visiting health food stores, which sell natural health products and supplements. Through this simple observation experiment, we can see for ourselves that conventional medicine doesn't make people healthy. Or, at the very least, we can say that the consumption of prescription drugs is strongly correlated with states of disease, while the consumption of health food store products (natural groceries, organic produce and nutritional supplements) is strongly correlated with the absence of disease. And this observation holds true through many levels: physical health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health.

Speaking of experiments, we have a grand experiment going on right now across the population. It is an experiment to see how long the American public will put up with Big Pharma lies, propaganda and scientific fraud while popping prescription drugs. This experiment is being conducted under the umbrella of so-called science, but it isn't scientific at all. Nearly everything that conventional medicine is telling you is fiction. They will create research and clinical trials designed to diminish side effects and maximize certain biochemical functions of their drugs, and if some results turn out to be negative, they will bury those results. The evidence they do show you has been distorted.

This is what passes for "science" in the world of Big Pharma. But the Emperor has no clothes. Under the mask of science, there's nothing but fraud and profiteering at the core. 

Another simple observation about conventional medicine concerns the level of health of those who prescribe drugs: The doctors. How healthy are doctors and conventional health care workers?

I hardly need to tell you that old school doctors and health care workers are some of the least healthy people in our society. Sadly, many old-school MDs believe their own advice about drugs, and as a result, they suffer the effects of conventional medicine. Obesity is rampant among traditional doctors and health care workers, and depression and mental health disorders affect many. They also tend to die at young ages from heart attacks and other easily preventable health problems.

So why do we turn to these people for answers to our own health? It makes no sense. If we wish to be healthy, we must model individuals who are themselves healthy. A medical school certificate has no credibility when the person holding it is clearly diseased. Health is not an intellectual exercise, it is a life experience. If you can't be healthy yourself, you have no right talking to others about their health. (But doctors are "licensed" by state health regulators who don't even take into account the health of health care providers.) 

Discard the outdated philosophy of conventional medicine

The whole point of this exploration is that if you are going to be healthy, you have to start by shattering old dysfunctional belief systems that have been pounded into your head by the media and mainstream medicine. You have to replace those with new beliefs that serve you better.

It is your choice what you wish to believe. If you want to believe prescription drugs are the only things that are scientifically proven, and if you want to believe that medical schools are teaching doctors how to be healthy, then you are welcome to believe that. But don't be surprised at the result you get: A future of pain, suffering, chronic disease, medical bankruptcy and lots of prescription drugs. You will end up on so many prescription drugs that you will need a machine that beeps to remind you when to take a pill, because your brain won't even work properly (brain fog is a common side effect of many prescription drugs).

Or, instead, you can choose to believe that the human body already has a blueprint of health. The most powerful healing system in the world is inside you right now. All you need to do is stop poisoning your body and mind with chemicals, toxic foods and toxic personal care products. Turn to nature, which provides nutrition and medicine in the form of edible plants. Avoid all factory foods, processed foods and restaurant foods. Drink water, not milk. Get a daily dose of sunshine. Take whole food supplements and healthy fish oils to boost your daily nutritional intake. And exercise, of course.

You can choose this path. And if you've already starting walking down that path, you can probably find ways to accelerate the results. Find ways to make the right health decisions from this day forward -- decisions based on nature, not the junk science promoted by Big Pharma, the FDA and conventional medicine.

Article by Natural News

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