Take care of your Colon

A Properly Functioning Colon
Does Wonders For Your Body                     

•Detoxifies Your
•Removes Parasites
•Prevents Toxicity
•Aids Weight Loss
•Prevents Sickness
•Combats Intestinal
•Aids Hypertension
•Reduces Allergies
•Decreases Muscle
•Reduces Blood
•Allows Better
•Promotes Regular
Bowel Movements
•Many Many More!

Constipation – An American
Tragedy! Learning how to care for your colon should be no
more embarrassing than discussing cardiovascular health, but for far too many people it is. As such, more than 40% of all women and nearly as many men, suffer from
chronic constipation. Constipation is a sure sign that your colon is not functioning properly. If left untreated your health will suffer.
 Source: Bill Frazier

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